The Top 9 Programming Competitions in the World

Programming competitions are the best opportunity for people who want to test their coding skills. Holding these meetings provides an opportunity for participants to test their aptitude for solving programming puzzles rather than focusing on individuals’ wins and losses. This feature makes an essential distinction between coding competitions and computer olympiads.

Follow us with the top programming competitions in the world.

top programming competitions in the world


Google Programming Competitions

Google Code Jam is a competition that Google holds annually since 2003. These meetings are mostly aimed at identifying potential talents in the field of coding and computer. In addition to receiving a cash prize, the competition winner gets a chance to get employed in this company.

Participants have 27 hours to earn the necessary points to advance to the competition’s first stage. The contest is online, except for the final stage, which is held in the Google building.

Code Jam question style is somewhat similar to ACM programming competitions, with the difference that it is possible to use any programming language, technology, or development environment to solve its problems.

In the last five years, the winner of the competition is 25-year-old Gennady Korotkevich from Russia. He is currently studying at ITMO.

Google Programming Competitions

Facebook Hacker Cup

In 2011, Facebook launched the annual Hacker Cup to identify the top talent for hiring on Facebook. Participants should solve some algorithms in a given amount of time. The use of any language and development environment to answer these questions is unrestricted.

The contest winner in 2019 was Gennady Korotkevich – the same five-year winner of the Google contest. In 2014 and 2015, this participant was also the first place winner of this competition.

Gennady Korotkevich, the Russian winner of Google
programming competitions
and Facebook Hacker Cup

TopCoder Tournaments

TopCoder is one of the most popular sites in the field of programming competitions. The site holds an online contest every two weeks and two in-person rounds annually to determine the final winner.

TopCoder questions come in two levels. The first one has more elementary questions, and individuals can participate in the second level after earning a specific score. A step-by-step guide to solving the questions is offered after each meeting, which is a useful resource for educating participants.

To compete in tournaments, you must use special software called Arena. The registration process of this site is a bit long and confusing. However, participating in TopCoder online competitions will be worth it.


TopCoder programming competitions

ACM Student Research Competition (SRC)

IBM organizes ACM competitions under the Computing Machines Association (ACM) auspices among students around the world. This meeting is known as one of the most prestigious and largest programming competitions in the world.

The history of these meetings dates back to 1977. From 1977 to 1989, most of the participants were from the United States and Canada. However, in 2005, ACM became a global tournament in which different teams from most countries competed.

In these matches, the teams compete in groups of three. Eight computational and algorithmic questions are given to each group. Answering problems will be only acceptable through C, C ++, C #, and Java.


IEEEXtreme 24-Hour Programming Competition

The IEEE International Institute supports these meetings. The participants are computer and electricity students who enter the competition in a group of 2 to 3 people. Each group has 24 hours to solve the problems. Any operating system can be used, but C, C ++, and Java are the only acceptable languages.

CodeChef Online Arbitration Website

In addition to setting programming competitions, the CodeChef website contains a  series of questions that are classified into four levels: hard, medium, peer, and easy. You can see these questions and answer them after the free membership process.

Depending on the type of question, a specific score is recorded for each participant. The person who gets the most points during the month will be named “Programmer of the Month.”

CodeChef Online Arbitration Website holds programming competitions.

UVa Online Judge Site

UVa Online Judge is one of the most reputable websites holding programming competitions hosted by the University of Valladolid, Spain.

Participants must answer the questions using one of the Java, Pascal, ANSI, and C ++ programming languages.

UVa Online Judge Site

Sphere online judge or SPOJ

This site holds one of the most popular online programming competitions. Participants can answer programming questions using 40 different languages.

Each question’s score is inversely related to the number of people who solve it, and there is a limited time to answer the questions.

Internet Problem Solving Contest

These competitions are held in the form of three-person teams and annually. Solving easy problems will earn one point, and answering difficult ones two points for participants. If the teams draw, each group that answers the questions in less time will win the match.

If you want to participate in these competitions, develop your coding skills using the sites introduced in this article.

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