The Expo Debate: Why Some React Native Developers Opt Out

🤔 The Expo Debate: Why Some React Native Developers Opt Out 🚫
Expo has gained popularity as a framework to expedite React Native development.
But, I’ve noticed that not all developers are on board with it.

💡 What are your thoughts on the Expo? Love it or leave it?

Here are a few reasons why some React Native developers might opt out of Expo:
Limited Native Module Support: Expo restricts the use of custom native modules, which could be a deal-breaker for developers needing deep native integration.
Dependency on Expo Services:
Some prefer full control over their projects and don’t want to rely on Expo services, which could introduce limitations.

Size Concerns: Expo apps tend to be larger due to bundled dependencies, and this can be a concern, especially for mobile app performance.

Customization: Expo simplifies development but may not offer the same level of customization as a traditional React Native setup.

Ejecting Complexity: The process of “ejecting” from Expo to a standard React Native project can be complex, leading some to avoid Expo from the start.

But, there are also great aspects to Expo that make it a top choice for many.
Let’s turn this into a constructive discussion. Share your thoughts, experiences, and reasons for using or avoiding Expo. It’s essential for our community to learn from one another!


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