WAR history in JS! The Epic Battles That Shaped JavaScript

WAR history in JS! The Epic Battles That Shaped JavaScript 🤯

JavaScript’s journey has been a rollercoaster of fascinating conflicts.
Think of it like the stories of legendary battles in history, but in the world of coding.
These “wars” have changed the way we write code and build amazing experiences. Let’s look at a few of ..!

🕰️ The Browser Wars: Remember when Internet Explorer and Netscape Navigator were like rival kingdoms in the Internet realm?

📚 The Library Face-Off: Ever heard of jQuery?
It was like a coding Swiss Army knife! Then, superheroes like React and Vue emerged, each with their unique powers, and now we get to pick which hero suits us best.

💻 The ES6 Revolution: ES6 is like a magical language update that brought new features like “arrow functions” and “classes” . It’s like upgrading your magic wand to make your coding life easier.

🌐 The Async/Await Revolution: Imagine if sending a message in a bottle was as easy as sending a text message! That’s what async/await did for JavaScript – making it easier to talk to different parts of your code.

🔢 The Number Mysteries: JavaScript sometimes plays tricks with numbers, like calling “NaN” (Not-a-Number) a number! It’s like math class gone wild!

📦 Modules & Building Blocks: Think of modules like LEGO blocks – you can use different sets (CommonJS, AMD, ES6) to build your code castle the way you want.

So, let’s chat about these fascinating “wars” in the world of JavaScript.

Which one’s your favourite?
🗣️ Share your thoughts! 💡💬

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