The Benefits of Video Conferencing


Before we talk about video conferencing’s benefits, we need to see why such conferences were formed.

In critical negotiations, the parties prefer to express their perspective in a face-to-face meeting, which is considered the most effective method. Scientific research confirms this preference. Within face-to-face sessions, body language conveys messages more clearly, including eye, face, hand, body, and other parts of the body’s movements. Scientists estimate that body language contributes to more than 70% transmission of concepts. Speech, tone, and document display are in the next steps.

In communications where parties cannot use body language, the concept’s transmission becomes more difficult. Thus, individuals consciously or unconsciously do not use e-mails, faxes, or phone calls on important issues; they prefer to meet their audience in person. But it is not always possible to hold face-to-face meetings. This is where the benefits of video conferencing come in handy.

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Video calling, a long-standing human dream

Holding a face-to-face meeting is not as simple as it sounds. The cost of traveling to a meeting place, wasting time on commuting, and in recent year the potential risk of spreading infectious diseases such as COVID 19 are some of the issues that make a face-to-face meeting with all its benefits impossible. The constant balance between the benefits and the problems of face-to-face meetings has long led people to seek advantages while reducing the effects of defects.

The solution that humans have found is to use video calls benefits. By looking at old science films, we realize that audio-visual communication is not something human beings have not ever thought of. The idea of video conferencing is like the very idea of flying, which had always occupied the human mind. Today, the spread of communication technology using the Internet has created a dramatic change in everything. Technology has made audio and video communication easy and public. For this reason, we encounter many contradictions in stating the history and definition of video conferencing.


What is video conferencing?

Video conferencing can be defined as live audio and video communication remotely. This method is the best alternative for a face-to-face meeting. Most of its benefits, including body language used to convey emotions and concepts, are preserved. Simultaneously, much of the difficulties such as traveling costs, time-wasting, and risks such as infected diseases are eliminated. With coronavirus spread, meetings of global importance are also being held in this way. Video calls benefits is the matter that has encouraged the whole world to hold face-to-face meetings.

Advantages of Video Conferencing

Since the advent of video conferencing technology, its features have been undeviatingly increasing. Along with the video calling software development, the expansion of network communications, and advances in related technologies, using such applications has become increasingly widespread and prevalent worldwide.

In this section, we mention some of the benefits of using video conferencing software.

Reduce overall corporate travel spend.

Traveling to distant regions or long periods imposes high costs on the company, including cars, round-trip tickets, mission fees, residency, and more. As the number of trips, the number of participants, the distance, and the trip’s time increase, the costs increase exponentially and reach massive amounts that are frustrating for many companies to pay. Saving small amounts of money can also be a lifesaver. Video conferencing benefits, despite the relatively high start-up cost, always returns the initial capital to the company in a short time and then puts a net profit in the pockets of investors every minute of operation of this software.

Although you may use standard video calling software, you can still order your customized video calling software to SOJECT company to improve your calls’ quality with your custom features and access any other elements that are appropriate for your meetings.

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Avoid wasting time

Time is the irreplaceable capital of any person or organization. Arriving at the meeting location sometimes get multiple times more than the meeting itself. When your time is wasted on the road to a face-to-face meeting, you can use it for something far more valuable.

Thanks to the benefits of video conferencing, you can attend the meeting in a few seconds and then return to work in a fraction of a second.

Eliminate travel risks with video conferencing

Every trip has various dangers that can be catastrophic by ruining the individuals’ lives or an organization. Road accidents, plane crashes, rail and sea accidents, the COVID19 spreading through people traveling are among the travel risks.

In a video conferencing benefits introduction session, I started by emphasizing cost reduction. “Don’t talk to me about the cost. I lost one of my best experts on the road.” The organization manager immediately interrupted me.   “In addition to many problems this has imposed on my business, I am ashamed to face his family.” He continued.

The conference system reduces these risks to zero by eliminating travel. The recent problem with the outbreak of the Coronavirus alone has changed the form of the meeting, even at the level of heads of state.


Eliminate travel fatigue is a Video calls benefit

Traveling to a nearby state or even out of town may make you so tired that you can’t spend rest of the day working effectively at work. Video conferencing saves a lot of hidden costs, even for such short distances.

Lack of access to resources

When you are away from work or home for a meeting or negotiation, your resources are no longer available. If you need to cite a file, snippet, document, report, etc., during the session, you can not use them outside of office. One of video conferencing benefits is you are at office, and all resources will be available to you if needed.

In addition, taking company documents on a trip can be dangerous. Transportation of important documents may lead to their loss or theft. On the other hand, you may miss some papers, and your whole trip will be in vain.

Be in multiple locations in a moment.

Physical presence in several places simultaneously is impossible in the real world. While with multidimensional video conferencing, you are practically present in numerous locations at the same time. This helps you to have a large-scale meeting in a matter of minutes, to be quickly informed by information from all over, and make more accurate decisions. You can also immediately announce your preferences to everyone, the process which is impossible without video calls benefits.

Attendance of all participants at the appointed time

Coordinating a large number of participants to attend on time and at a specific place is the most difficult task for the meeting organizers. Using video conferencing, coordination will be the easiest part of the job. When attending a meeting only takes a few seconds, the chances of something happening to prevent it are minimized.

Reduce other side costs of holding meetings and conferences

Expenses are not limited to commuting. For example, to hold a large conference, you need to rent an amphitheater. Aside from the high cost of location renting, you will probably need a lot of human resources to control the crowd, organize and entertain guests. You should also pay and coordinate these workers.

These are just a part of breaking costs of holding a conference with a large number of guests. Fortunately, the benefits of video conferencing have solved this problem as well. You can keep your money in your pocket and be happy.

Increase flexibility is a Video calls benefit

One of the advantages of using video conferencing is that people have more flexibility to attend meetings and are also more alert during the conference. Participants can quickly attend the meeting with their laptop or even mobile phone, and as a result, the absence of members will not lead to the cancellation of the meeting.

Video conferencing allows people to work remotely, so your employees can be more flexible about their personal lives and jobs. Although many business executives still prefer to hire locally based employees, technology and living conditions are changing, making telecommuting and the use of freelancers inevitable.

In addition to workshops and staff training, you can also use video conferencing to train clients and conduct job interviews. In many cases it is not possible to perform a face-to-face job interview. Conducting video conversations will help you to have more flexible meetings. The results of online interviews may be more fruitful than traditional interviews.


Increase productivity and efficiency

Increasing productivity and efficiency may be the result of combining the various benefits of video conferencing. By breaking geographical boundaries, communication time with colleagues, customers, teammates, and meetings will be much more efficient and shorter.

Furthermore, people are more focused on video conferencing sessions and follow topics more closely.

SOJECT and video conferencing applications

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