Startup Jobs Remote, A Modern Combination In A Modern World

Startup jobs remote

Although the concept of a startup is not very old, ā€˜startup jobs remoteā€™ is a newer concept that has been developed more than ever in recent years.Ā 

Before introducing ā€˜startup remoteā€™, let’s briefly examine the components of this phrase, namely ā€˜startupā€™ and ā€˜remoteā€™.

What is a startup?

In general, startups are projects that develop a basic idea into a product or service to earn money from.

The startup itself does not emphasize that it must be in technology or informational technology. However, as many startups in recent years have been formed around these areas, sometimes a startup defines as an activity in the field of new technologies. However, the description provided by dictionaries and authoritative sources is different.

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Startup definition

  • Defining Startup as an English Word in Webster’s Dictionary: a fledgling business enterprise
  • Definition of Startup by the US Small Business Center (USSBA): a business that is typically technology-oriented and has high growth potential.
  • Definition of Startup by Steve Blank:
  • a temporary organization designed to search for a repeatable and scalable business model
  • Definition of Startup by Eric Reese
  • A startup is a human institution designed to deliver a new product or service under conditions of extreme uncertainty.

Despite the above definitions, what SOJECT means as a startup in this article has the following conditions:

  • A business that intends to create value.
  • where sustainability is a concern for its members, and it is opportunistic.
  • A business that is not necessarily scalable. Naturally, though, scalability is an advantage. So if a mother begins a startup remote that only pays monthly and never grows up, it is a startup as long as it is sustainable.
  • A business that may or may not be based on new technologies.
  • A business that is still in a state of ambiguity and is going through its infancy and childhood.

Therefore, if we look at specific forms of a startup business, we will refer to them with the relevant attributes. For example, we might use the following terms:

  • Startup jobs remote, based on new technologies
  • IT-based startups
  • Startup jobs remote at home
  • Prospective startup
  • Disruptive Startup
Startup jobs remote

Startup History

If we want to discuss the history of startups, we can undoubtedly connect its beginning with the onset of civilization and trading. But the concept of startup dates back to around 1911 to Silicon Valley company. One of the company’s most important products was the IBM startup, which stands for International Business Machines. In the following years, IBM developed into one of the software development giants in the world.

Another one of the oldest and most successful startups is Apple, founded by Steve Jobs, and you are all familiar with how this person came to be and how difficult it was to achieve this startup.Ā 

Another world-famous startup we are all involved with every day is the Google startup, which came up in 1997 and launched its product in 1998. Today, Google search engines are the most complex and powerful search engine globally.

Remote working

Remote working, like startups, does not have a long history. We can say that it was born in 1973 when the idea of ā€‹ā€‹telecommuting was created by Jack Nilles, a former NASA engineer. Niels introduced teleworking as a means of conserving energy and a modern lifestyle. He succeeded in raising telecommuting as a way to prevent traditional commuting. After that, due to the passage of the Clean Air Law, remote working was gradually developed.

Before this time, people used to work in industrial societies where factories mainly were far from where people lived, and they had to travel daily to get to work. Although almost all businesses were in one’s residence before the Industrial Revolution, the word ā€˜remote workingā€™ can not be used for it. Farmers, for example, farmed in their habitat, and ranchers grazed their animals around the house. Pottery and leather workshops were in people’s homes, and customers came there to shop.

Although the history of telecommuting dates back to 1973, we can say that this concept has become widespread in recent years, and especially during the past year, due to the spread of the current Pandemic. As a result, you can now find fewer people who are not working at least partially remotely.

This trend seems to be continuing and will not return to its original place once the virus disappears. It turned out that many companies and businesses tend to keep telecommuting to a minimum.

Changes in recent years in the field of telecommuting and startups have led to the formation of the concept of remote startup jobs. That is the subject of our article.

Remote Startups

Remote startups are actually a combination of startups and remote working. A concept that only dates back to recent years.

Forming and launching a startup through telecommuting may have been a dream before. Still, in recent years, with the advancement of technology, almost everything previously done on-site can also perform away.

Currently, we see many startups that have been formed remotely. Many of these are home-based, and their goal is to provide remote revenue with a creative and engaging idea. This part of the article introduces a list of telecommuting startups and then explains some of them.

  • Handmade startupĀ 
  • Offering health products online
  • starting an online store offering food products
  • Startup for selling cakes and pastries
  • Online diet application startups
  • Drug Delivery
  • training for preparing and using disinfectants
  • Startups based on copywritingĀ 
  • Startups about generating video content
  • educational content production startups
  • Growing ornamental plants
  • raising ornamental fish to provide them online
  • ornamental birds related startups
  • Consulting and Ideation for Business Owners
  • Making gift boxes
  • Website design startupsĀ 
  • Logo design
  • Graphic designing startup ideas
  • Application design startup idea
  • Cooking page
  • Building a food app
  • startup for managing food waste
  • Rental of electric motors
  • Consulting and providing medical services
  • Startup idea to makeĀ  masks
  • Online consultation
  • Optimization and SEO
  • Selling second-hand products
  • mushroom planting
  • Making rhinestones
  • leather products
  • Produce podcasts
  • editing
  • Ten fingers typing
  • developing applicationĀ 
  • Online real estate transaction
  • Holding educational webinars
  • Translation services
  • Childcare
  • Caring for the elderly
  • Pet care
  • Decoration design
  • Sports counselling
  • Dietary advice
  • Provide ready meals
  • Mobile laundry service
  • Mobile repairs
  • Advertising
  • Online tutoring
  • Doll Making
  • Packaging of spices

Of course, the startup ideas mentioned above are so many that we can not go into all of them here. But we will introduce a few cases and talk about them a bit:

Craft Startups

Craft startups

Ā One of the areas of remote startup jobs that has flourished in recent years is handicrafts. What you make by hand is a reflection of the heart and features within you. A unique item that can not be found anywhere else. Each piece of handicraft is, in fact, a single outcome that nothing can replace. Perhaps this is the feature that has made this business so popular in recent years.

There is so much potential in the handicrafts field. However, some of them need less capital, and others need more.

A few years ago, I came across a startup that used paper to make beautiful flowers and sell them to customers. Gorgeous and unique flowers. A profitable business with a bit of capital.

Some other handicraft areas in which you can build your startup include the following:
























Remember that what is essential in this type of startup is your art and then advertising. But, of course, access to the raw materials is also crucial.

Craft startups can start in a small home and lead to large workshops or even factories. So take them seriously.

Offering health products online

If you are a healthcare provider, this type of remote startup is one of the best for you. Cruise the internet, and you can find countless sites and Instagram pages created by health professionals to provide advice virtually. These startups have become more prevalent in the last year after Coronavirus 19 related lockdowns.

Nutritionists, GPs, nurses, family counsellors and psychologists are just some of the professionals who can take advantage of these startups.

I need to point out that this type of business is not just limited to the medical team. But lawyers, financial advisors, and all those who can afford online training and counselling can use this method.

Selling homemade cakes and pastries

A delicious and popular startup, one of those that is also good for your mood. Home baking is one of the businesses that has attracted a lot of attention these days. No pastry in a pastry shop has the flavour of a homemade pie. To do this, you only need a small kitchen in the first step that can be the kitchen of your home. Then, you can take orders and buy raw materials based on your order.

Furthermore, there are many sweets, candies, and snacks that you can keep for a relatively long time. In this case, all you need to do after receiving the order is send them to the customer and receive the money.

SOJECT helps you set up remote startups.

Today, every business needs a site or software to establish a good relationship with its customers. It is almost impossible to start a business remotely without having a website or application. This is where SOJECT helps you create a successful business. It does not matter what your field of activity is; we cover your needs and design what you need.

We advise, design, implement and support you. Contact us for more information.

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