How to make money from JavaScript programming


Learning any programming language is, in fact, a prelude to making money through it. Making money from JavaScript is also one of the major concerns of its developers. On the other hand, based on its application, each programming language has monetization strategies; unique features you can use for software development in various fields. In this article, we explore the different uses of JavaScript, as well as the ways to monetize through it. Stay tuned to the SOJECT website.

Earning money from JavaScript: creating advanced user interfaces

If you are a web developer, you know very well JavaScript is especially important in your business. Using this language, you can create advanced user interfaces to increase the client’s engagement. More advanced user interfaces allow users to better connect with the product, thus increasing your projects’ sales and popularity.

Libraries and frameworks like Angular, Vue.js, React, etc., make you program the project’s front end easily. Furthermore, new tools, libraries, and frameworks are added to the JavaScript store every month. Having these various tools, you can create stunning user interfaces for your projects.

In addition to the above, JavaScript allows you to create SPA (Single Page Application), a web application or website that acts as a desktop app. Using SPA, the new content is loaded on the same page dynamically without any need to refresh the page. As a result, the user no longer has to wait for the page to reload after each click.

Gmail, Facebook, and Google Maps are examples of these types of growing apps. By using SPA, the user experience gets improved, and clients feel more satisfied working with the software.


Make money from JavaScript by creating server-side web applications.

You can earn through JavaScript by building advanced server-side applications using the powerful Node.js tool. Due to its JavaScript structure, Node.js has become an ideal tool for writing sockets. According to a review by Stackoverflow, the Node.js framework has been named among the most used technology of 2017.

Large companies such as GitHub, LinkedIn, and Uber have accomplished all or part of their server-side programming by Node.js. This feature has increased the demand for the Node.js workforce in recent years.



Create mobile applications

Thanks to JavaScript flexibility, you can use it to create mobile applications. The React Native tool helps you to do this. Unlike other cross-platform programming tools, React Native philosophy is not one-time coding for all platforms. Rather, its philosophy is to learn programming once and for all platforms. This means that React Native does not have many disadvantages of other cross-platform tools, such as non-native user interface.

By creating mobile applications using JavaScript, you can quickly implement your ideas by learning one programming language and make money from JavaScript. Also, in many software projects, the employer requests a mobile application along with its website. With the power of JavaScript, you can easily accept these generally expensive projects.

Make money from JavaScript by creating desktop applications.

Using JavaScript, you can write advanced desktop-based software. This may seem a little strange and far-fetched, but it has been made possible by tools like electron.js.

Popular software such as Visual Studio Code and Whatsapp Messenger has been developed with JavaScript.

New frameworks development

JavaScript is a functional programming language, and because of its standards, you can use it in various applications. For this reason, anyone can add new and custom frameworks to its store and make money from JavaScript. So, one way to monetize JavaScript is to develop a new framework.

You may say to yourself building a new framework is futile when there are so many frameworks. But each JavaScript framework has its own advantages to attract users. Some of the reasons for the popularity of a framework are:

  • Simplicity of coding
  • Optimal use of resources
  • High execution speed
  • High learning speed
  • Ability to get customizes for a specific application
  • Unique user interface design

Make money from JavaScript by improving frameworks.

As we have mentioned many times, JavaScript has various frameworks. As a way to monetize JavaScript, you can select one of these frameworks, write code and add more features to improve it. You can add these features to the desired framework in the form of a library or package.

If your libraries are professional enough, you can sell them for a good price or offer them to other developers for a subscription fee.

Build a website about JavaScript or its frameworks

Numerous discussions on the Reddit site prove that learning JavaScript can be a nightmare for many novice programmers. However, this means that there is an opportunity for you to solve this nightmare.

If you know JavaScript well, you can help others by building a website. Some of the topics that you can raise are:

  • Introduction and training of JavaScript
  • Introducing JavaScript frameworks
  • Angular, Vue.js, React, and other related frameworks
  • Solving issues around JavaScript
  • Introducing new JavaScript capabilities

Teach programming

Another way to make money from JavaScript is to become a programming teacher.

You can first start working in person at an educational or private institution. The next step is to make short instructional videos. Creating a video helps you learn about online education while strengthening your teaching methods. Finally, you can train anywhere online and even consider selling it on the Udemy site.

If you are still unsure about the training path, post a few short videos on YouTube to see how they work. YouTube channel programming can be an inspiring way to get started.

Start working in programming companies.

Companies did not need React’s and Node.js’s programmers as much as they needed PHP developers in the past. However, in recent years there are a lot of demands in the market for JavaScript.

Getting hired in a company as a JavaScript programmer or one of its frameworks is one of the guaranteed ways to earn money from JavaScript programming.

 Are you still hesitant to choose JavaScript as your programming language? If so, all you have to do is to visit one of the popular job search sites to make sure about it.

Earn from JavaScript by doing freelance work

As a freelancer, there are many ways to make money from JavaScript. Troubleshooting, adding a platform, or designing a completely new software are just a few of the many options available to you.

Many programming competitions offer cash prizes to the winners. If you are confident in your programming skills, one way to earn money from JavaScript is to participate in these competitions. After all, if you want to get a job promotion quickly, many biggest software companies choose their workforce among these competitions’ winners.

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Earn money from JavaScript programming by starting a business

You may have your business idea. You can develop your unique application or website using JavaScript. For example:

  • Job search sites to connect job seekers to employers
  • Shopping sites
  • A custom search engine
  • Sites that provide useful tools, such as changing file formats
  • Brokerage sites for trading on the stock exchange and Forex
  • Games and entertainment sites
  • Display advertising sites
  • Host and domains sales sites
  • Download sites

Any new idea that you find useful can be an excellent way to start making money from JavaScript.

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