Different stages of the software project implementation

Different stages of the software project implementation

Producing a software is very accurate, so it is necessary to examine the details of the software project. The different stages of the software project implementation must be specified step by step.

This is the most important task He can manage the production of software well by determining all the steps and costs. The job pattern of an IT company is defined in two general parts:

The project is also a set of several operations to achieve a specific goal.

Main activities in software projects

Software project

The software project involves collecting requirements and testing them. This project is done in a specific period to achieve a software product.

The importance of software project management

Software development is essential for promoting e-commerce, but so far few software products have been produced. Most of the available products is produced based on the needs of users.

New experiences are gained in making each product. But the rapid development of science and technology makes it impossible for us to use our experience in the manufacture of all products. To control these limitations, it is necessary to use software project management.

Who is the software project manager?

A project manager is a person who performs operations related to the implementation of a project. The project manager may have no involvement in the production of the software, but is aware of all stages of its production.

The project manager oversees all team members, reviewing and controlling all issues related to budget, resources, project execution time, project implementation quality. The goal of the project manager is to satisfy customers.

Main tasks of project manager

Software project management tasks

These activities are divided into several parts, which include planning, decision making and cost estimation.


The planning part is done before the software is produced. This section is done to facilitate software production.

Decision making

This section manages all the activities necessary to produce a software. This section defines the project boundaries. This will save you time and money.

Cost estimates

Proper implementation of this step helps the manager to be able to manage the project more efficiently and effectively. In this section, efforts, time, size and project cost should be calculated.

These items help the manager to build the software product with sufficient personnel and according to the appropriate budget in the specified time. In addition, at this stage, staff salaries, license fees, products quality, etc. are estimated.


A specific time frame must be defined for the implementation of a project. Therefore, project managers must determine all the steps. Specify the exact time required for each step. Due to all these cases, the necessary time for the implementation of the software project will be determined.

resource management

Another important task in software project management is resource management. At this stage, all human, financial, and library resources are considered in the software production process.

Resources are considered the capital of a company. Lack of resources can cause the software project to stop. In addition, increasing resources can increase the cost of production. As a result, project management must evaluate all steps with high accuracy.

risk management

At this stage, the possible risks should be analyzed and examined. In software project management, a manager must consider all the predictable and unpredictable risks and be prepared to deal with each one. There are many risks, including:

  • Loss of experienced employees
  • Change of company manager
  • Lack of proper determination of project needs
  • Unrealistic estimates
  • And unpredictable environmental changes

But project management must take the necessary steps at the right time. In order not to create problems in the project implementation process.

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