10 Applicable Virtual Team Communication Tools


In addition to other aspects of life, the Covid-19 pandemic has revolutionized businesses, pushing most of them into Virtual Team Communication Tools. Although we suddenly found ourselves caught in this storm, we still have to prepare ourselves to continue on our way; the path that may not end with the passing of this epidemic. In other words, in the last year, thanks to this pandemic, a new chapter has been opened in businesses that we have to get ready for it.

So, Are we prepared for these changes?

Lastly, In the article “Advantages and disadvantages of telecommuting,” we examined all aspects of telecommuting. However, in the current situation, telecommuting’s disadvantages are not considered paralyzing obstacles since we have no other choice other than to work remotely! Even Twitter, Apple, Microsoft, Google, NASA, etc., have formulated mandatory telecommuting policies. Well then, it’s good to keep our optimism and see the half-full glass.

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What is telecommunication?

The International Telecommunication Association (ITAC) defines telecommuting as a form of work arrangement in which employees are flexible in terms of time (part-time or full-time) and location (home, telecommuting centers, or mobile).

Simply put, teleworking or working remotely is a kind of job activity that is performed using modern technology and virtual team communication tools at home or in any place other than the office. As a result, this method allows the freelancer to perform its duties even at a local cafe with the Internet, a local work center, or a park.

According to the definition of telecommuting, we can say that this way of working is “result-oriented,” unlike jobs in the industrial age, which were “time-oriented.”

Finally, we will introduce free or commercial virtual team communication tools for personnel. So stay tuned for the rest of the article.


Necessary substrates for teleworking

In general, in order to be an efficient telecommuter, a freelancer must have the following equipment and technologies:

  • Computer
  • Email
  • Smartphone and laptop

On the other hand, the required organization’s platforms, applications, and equipment to hire telecommuting personnel vary in a wide range based on the business nature.

In general, many businesses need exactly the same requirements as their freelancers: Internet, email, and smart communication devices. However, some companies need particular technologies such as a VoIP call center that transfer calls on the computer or smartphone of a telecommuter via the Internet.

10 Applicable Virtual Team Communication Tools

  1. 3CX Phone or Zoiper Free software to connect to the call center
  2. AnyDesk software for remote computer control
  3. Google Docs online tool for editing and sharing documents with other team members
  4. Google Drive tool for storing files and sharing with team
  5. Output Messenger software for in-house conversation
  6. Google Calendar tool for organizing team activities.
  7. Google Hangouts or Skype software for voice, video, or video conferencing
  8. Trello, ASana, Peygir, or Taskulu tools for project management
  9. Skyroom for creating in-house training webinars
  10. Minit online time management tool

To sum up, CRM software is a tool that has most of the capabilities of the top 10 software integrated with the report maker and management dashboard to monitor things.

In fact, CRM software is designed and implemented in different ways – based on user needs. However, some of the possibilities that out CMSs can have are as follows:

  • Customer records
  • In-house chat and the possibility of mention (dedicated social network)
  • Document Management
  • Project Management
  • General notes in the client or personal file
  • Work calendar with the ability to control tasks and events
  • Organizational correspondence
  • Referrals
  • Determine the level of access to information and documents
  • Connect to SMS, email, and fax system to send
  • Receive and view emails and SMS
  • Send notifications to staff.
  • Connect to the call center to record and view the caller
  • Automatic PDF creation for creating electronic documents
  • Automation of tasks with workflow
  • Report maker for staff monitoring
  • Question and answer system for in-house training


Instead of using multiple packing software, we can design a one-size-fits-all software with even more features for your business. At SOJECT, we design, create and support a variety of CRMs, in addition to other software. Additionally, we help you find your business’s real needs, and based on that produce quality and personalized CRM software for you.

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