How to Create a Software Idea

How to create a software idea

Entering the world of programming is like starting a long and challenging journey. Just as every journey begins with a step, so does programming start with creating an idea.

But how do we create useful, money-making software ideas? This question, although simple, is complicated to answer.

In this article, we will teach you how to invent creative and practical ideas for making software.

How to create a software idea
How to create a software idea

Exercise your brain

The brain is made up of a large number of nerve cells (about 100 billion) that connect to form a nervous system. The realm of thinking, what we think, and what we can do is mostly the result of the connections these nerve cells have made. Meanwhile, a property called “Neural Plasticity” allows these nerve cells to make new connections, continually creating new results.

The more you practice, the more you can brainstorm by strengthening this brain function.

So practice well.

Exercise your brain
Exercise your brain

Look for a real problem to solve

If you are looking for a good software idea, you must first see what problems people have in their personal and social lives; Choose a problem and if you are sure that people are really willing to pay for the solution, start brainstorming and finding a solution.

In most cases, the idea is a solution to a particular problem or need. Here are “resources” to help you find problems:

  • Your concerns and needs:

 See what problems you have in your daily life, and if you can solve these difficulties or make them easier to challenge by producing software? It is interesting to know that many software is created when the developer gets tired of dealing with the problem, finds nothing to solve it, and then makes the solution.

  • Problems and needs of others

The problems and needs of people in society refer to our environment. Pay attention to your surroundings and see the issues of the people around you. Listen to people in taxis, buses, and other public transportation and see what problems they face in their daily lives.



List possible solutions:

At this point, you need to shift your focus from problems to solutions. Solutions are sparks for the production of software. In fact, ideas are born when you match problems with solutions.

You can use the following methods to find solutions:

  • Brainstorming:

Although brainstorming is usually group work arranged with 6 to 10 people, it can also be set individually (have you not seen people talking to themselves ?!)

In this process, many solutions to a specific problem are proposed. The emphasis here is on the number of ideas, not their rightness or wrongness. In fact, if the concept is more unconventional, the result is much better, as reducing the foliage of big or weird ideas is more manageable than turning small ideas into an effective solution.

  • mind plan

A mind map/plan is a graphic technique used to draw the connection between different pieces of information gathered. In this technique, each data or idea is written on paper and then connected by a line or curve to the statement or data before or after it.

In this way, a network of relationships is created. Like all other mapping techniques, mind mapping seeks to classify information to share concepts and ideas with others.

mind map
mind map

To create a mind map, we should first write a phrase or word in the middle of the page. Next, we need to write down everything that comes to mind about that word or phrase in the same page’s corners, in no particular order. Finally, we should try to find the connection between all those phrases or words.

List the problems and solutions you have found to see if the software has been developed to fix them.

If yes:

  • Is there a drawback that you can use to produce a better program?
  • Can you create a similar native software for your city or country?

If the answer is no:

  • Can this problem be solved using the software?
  • Can you solve this problem by creating software?

If you finally come to the conclusion that you can solve the problem by producing software, proceed as follows:

Get feedback and dive deeper

The importance of receiving feedback is enormous.

Pick up your list and share your opinions with the community who may be interested in your solution; you can even poll.

Ask your colleagues for their opinion. They may see the technical problems that you have not noticed.

Get started as soon as possible
Get started as soon as possible

Get started as soon as possible.

Many ideas die in the very first stages. Do not let your idea end like this. If you implement this idea alone, start immediately, and if you have a company, in a formal meeting, specify each person’s responsibilities.

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