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Personal assistant

Many people use machine learning several times a day without even knowing what machine learning technology is. Every time people search on Google or Bing, machine learning takes place as the Google and Bing machine learning software understands how to rank web pages. Machine learning also occurs when Facebook, Google Photo, or Apple Photo App recognize people, friends, and items. Every time you check your email and your spam filter saves you from a lot of spam; it’s because your computer has learned to distinguish spam from non-spam.

Personal assistant
Personal assistant

What is mentioned is ‘machine learning,’ which allows computers to learn and improve by experience without an exact command or programming. The learning is continuously improving. Machine learning is the employment of artificial intelligence(AI).



Personal assistant machine learning

A smart personal assistant is a system that uses artificial intelligence to helps people perform their tasks such as searching for information, setting reminders, sending messages, and emails. Famous personal assistants include Siri, Google Assistant, Alexa, and Kotana.

Famous personal assistants
Famous personal assistants

Smart personal assistants, as its name implies, is AI-based machine learning programs that can understand natural language and perform various tasks based on voice commands. The voice commands, such as searching for something, reminding schedules and appointments, scheduling events, or ordering pizza, are all uses of smart personal assistants.

Given the growing popularity of the personal assistant and its critical role in the future of computer programming, it seems that investing or developing projects related to this issue will bring a hopeful financial and professional future for programmers.

Here you can see the ways a virtual assistant helps people in Business. This will help you decide which voice assistant functions to invest in or develop:

The personal assistant uses in jobs

  • 92% of users trust a virtual assistant to search for information.
  • 75% of users use them to set reminders.
  • 73% of users send text messages through them.
  • 69% of users create an event on the calendar, such as a meeting or appointment.
  • ü 61% of users develop notes through voice assistants.
  • 61% of users send emails through them.
  • 57% of users buy products or services through smart assistants on their business days.

Thus, from a business and consumer perspective, the voice assistant is now fully integrated into our daily lives despite being a relatively new technology.

Well, if you are motivated enough to learn and use this type of artificial intelligence in your projects, it is time to get familiar with some open-source personal assistant machine learning projects:

voice assistant for home automation
voice assistant for home automation
  • Sirius

Microsoft, Apple, and Google make their smart voice assistants available exclusively through their operating system. But a group of developers has created an open-source smart voice assistant called Sirius that has almost the same functionality. Sirius Voice Assistant was unveiled during a conference in Turkey by a number of experts at the University of Michigan.

  • Leon

Leon is an artificial intelligence-based open-source tool based on Python and NodeJs, allowing developers to generate their own fully customized voice assistant. Leon has a core, and other parts of this voice assistant work on it, and its modular structure allows developers to write their own modules as well as share them with others.

  • Mycroft

Mycroft is an open-source voice assistant running on the Linux operating system. One of this voice assistant’s advantages is that it does not make money by collecting your data as it is a privacy-oriented program.

  • Kalliope

Kalliope is a voice assistant that is suitable for home automation. This software is modular based and can run on Linux, Raspberry Pi, and Android smartphones.

  • Open Assistant

Open Assistant is comfortable and has been forked many times, but it lacks developer documentation. It is compatible with Windows, Linux, and MacOSX operating systems.

  • Dragon Fire

Dragonfire is a virtual assistant that uses Mozilla DeepSpeech to understand voice commands. It runs on the Linux operating system and only supports English.

Personal assistant advantages

  • Convenience: Users gain a great deal of knowledge with just their fingertips or voice and can perform many time-consuming activities by saying only one or two sentences.
  • Accessibility: AI-based voice assistants can help people with disabilities, including emotional, physical, and cognitive problems, to overcome the barriers. Voice interaction is especially useful for those with visual impairments.
  • A human interface: Conversation is the necessary foundation for the development of human relationships. Virtual assistants can provide a two-way conversation experience that includes voice, a critical element of practical and emotional communication.
  • Pleasure: People, especially young people, enjoy talking to voice assistants.
human interface
human interface

Personal assistant disadvantages

  • Comprehension problems: Virtual assistants are evolving every day, but they have difficulty understanding your questions when there is background noise in the voice, tricky question, or an unusual accent.
  • Ethical and Privacy Concerns: Having Virtual Assistants is actually accepting a device’s “always listening” to you at home.

Conversational Skills: Real human-speaking capabilities are not yet available to virtual assistants to improve natural and humanlike communication.

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