How Much is The Programmer Salary in The USA? An Approach Based on State, City and Workplace

USA programmer salary in 2018

If you are programmers who want to immigrate to the USA, this article will probably help you estimate your salary based on America’s programmer salary information.

One of the critical factors in immigration is to know how much our job income is in the target country. If we migrate to a country where our income is less than our own, we have actually lost! Many people even travel temporarily to another country to increase their income.

Now think about leaving your job and moving abroad without knowing the programmer salary in the target country, and it turns out that your new salary is lower than what you used to earn in your home country!!!

Maybe this is more unfortunate than funny!

In this article, we talk about the programmer salary in the United States. In addition to the overall average, we categorize programmer salary by state and programming language.

Well, let’s start:

According to news, the median programmer salary in the United States is $84,280 per year. Of course, the best-paid 25 percent is $109,120, while the lowest-paid 25 percent is $64,410. This information provided by news shows the programmer salary in 2018, and information from later years is not provided, but not bad for a rough estimate anyway.

USA programmer salary in 2018

USA programmer salary in 2018

The programmer salary in the United States varies greatly depending on the programming language.

The Scala programming language earns the most at $ 150,000 a year. So if you know this programming language, you can probably find an excellent job with an excellent annual income.

The Go programming language ranks second with $ 140,000 a year. It is essential to mention that, according to Hired, Go programming language professionals are in the highest demand in the market.

After the Go programming language, Objective-C and kotlin are in the next ranks of programmer salary.

Java almost has an average income among different programming languages.

But if you only know VBA and PHP, I think it is better to learn a few other languages before migrating, because these languages have the lowest programmer salary in the United States.


The figure below shows the programmer salary based on different programming languages in the United States. This information is for 2020

the programmer salary based on different programming languages in the United States

the programmer salary based on different programming languages in the United States

Well, so far, we have found out what the average programmer salary in the United States is, as well as based on the programming language.

In this section, it is good to take a look at programmer salary in different US states so that we can better decide on the destination state:


The best US states for migration based on programmer salary

Washington, DC, California, Arizona, and Massachusetts give programmers the highest salaries, respectively. It ranges from $126,920  for Washington to $95,380 a year for Massachusetts.


The best US cities for migration based on programmer salary


Indeed, given the higher capacity of the work, the metropolises will have more income.

According to news, Seattle, Charlottesville, Vallejo, Olympia, and Hartford are the cities with the highest programmer income. This ranges from $129,290  for Seattle to $106,250 per year for Hartford.

With this knowledge about programmer salary, it may be easier for you to choose your destination.

But the point to be noted is that beyond the above, the programmer’s annual income depends on specialty, industry, and the employer’s kindness.

Statistics show that programmer salaries for people working in nonresidential building construction companies are the highest. Their annual income is about $129,510.

Of course, travel arrangements and reservation services income are not much less than the previous case. Programmers earn about $ 112 in this field. Manufacturing and reproducing magnetic, securities and commodity contractors, and natural gas distribution companies are also in the next ranks, respectively.

But keep in mind that this programmer salary is for full-time work. Of course, most American programmers work full time.


What jobs earn the same as a programmer salary?

Software Developers, Database Administrators, Computer Systems Administrators, and Web Developers are jobs that earn almost the same as programming in the United States.


With this information, it seems easier to decide whether or not to immigrate to the United States. And if you are migrating, in which area do you live.

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